About us

Adnan Savani is a Kenyan whose passion for wildlife is evident from the first time you meet him. He possesses an infectious zeal that has spread to all those who are close to him. There is never a dull moment whilst in his presence. But he shines most when he is on safari, where an intricate knowledge of wildlife enables him to effortlessly turn into a superb field guide.  

Adnan works in development and instills his conservation ethos into his work and everyday life.

Kush Patel is a Cardiologist based in London originally from Kenya. An adventurous family instilled in him a love for travel and wildlife that keeps on expanding with time. He is most content when within a sweltering rainforest  watching some animal or plodding through glutinous mud in search of one. Usually barefoot and armed with a camera, he has an affinity for the African savannah.