100% of any donations and our profits from the sale of fine art prints go directly into conservation. We have partnered with a number of initiatives that are doing an incredible job in the world of conservation but need funds to continue their critical work. Below is some information on the Ulinzi Afria Foundation who we are supporting.

ulinzi africa foundation

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At Ulinzi Africa Foundation, we aim to highlight the plight of rangers on the ground, and to spread their sentiments on wildlife and conservation as far as possible to ensure a brighter future for coming generations. In recognition of the critical role played by the rangers in the combat against wildlife extermination, we pledge to provide as much support as possible by way of further facilitating equipment and gear provisions for rangers.


Project: Mobile Wildlife Rapid Response unit- Tana Delta.

We have had a successful and continued run of donations of simple gear that have been handed over to various teams on the ground in Kenya’s Tsavo Conservation Area, Tana Delta Conservation Area, as well as Northern Kenya’s Hirola Sanctuary. Now, with the aid of kindly donated cameras, laptops, binoculars and solar lamps, the rangers’ efficacy in data collection and wildlife monitoring has increased. We will continue to serve as the intermediary between willing donors and rangers as we work towards meeting our ultimate goals of wildlife protection and ranger welfare.

The core and initial projects under the Ulinzi Africa Foundation aim to bring reprieve to a conflict stricken and largely ignored region of the country in the hope to enhance environmental and human security for the benefit of future generations.

What is required?

Our current budget deficit for the first year’s operational costs is USD  68,703.
In order to be able to commence field operations, we need a monthly fiscal support of roughly USD 5,725
To sustain operations for the first and subsequent year, we would need funding support to the tune of about USD 10,791 which will fully cover all key operational aspects of this unit.
Our priority areas at the moment are:
1. Ranger Training
2. Ranger wages
3. Vehicle Insurance
With annual funding support of roughly USD 25,000 we will be able to comfortably cover all rangers wages for three years.